About Us

Dawlish Against Plastic was formed in March 2018. Since then, our achievements have been:

  • Dawlish Town Council agreed unanimously to support Plastic Free Coastlines (since re-named Plastic Free Communities).
  • Organised monthly beach cleans in Dawlish.
  • Plastic Straws removed, or pledged to be removed, from over 40 local businesses.
  • Presentations to local schools and engagement with school 'eco groups'. Competition held to design a logo for Dawlish Against Plastic.
  • Facebook group, Dawlishagainstplastic, established with over 430 plus members.
  • Facebook Page Dawlish Against Plastic
  • Instagram account Dawlish Against Plastic
  • Promoting Devon Refill scheme and other ways of reducing single use plastic to local businesses.
  • Receiving Community Grant funding from Teignbridge Councillors for beach cleaning equipment, publicity and alternatives to plastic for display/sale to the public.
  • Participated in community events and ran fundraising events for Surfers Against Sewage.
  • We produced an audio-visual presentation of our progress so far.
  • Made contact with the Environment Agency’s newly formed ‘Plastics Team’ and helped organise an event to link up with other, similar, groups in Devon. Event held on 3rd Sept 2018.
  • Successfully applied to Keep Britain Tidy for 50 free stainless-steel drinks bottles for display/sale on our stalls.
  • Successfully applied for Plastic Free Community status for Dawlish from Surfers Against Sewage. Evidence included steps taken by local businesses to remove certain single-use plastic items from sale or use and our work in conjunction with other community groups.

Between April 2019 and March 2020, Dawlish Against Plastic has:

  • Undertaken 13 Beach cleans involving over 200 participants. Removed over 270kg of rubbish, including broken glass, sharps, rusty metal and a kitchen knife.
  • Also assisted 2 schools and a group from Exeter College with beach cleans.
  • Involved 2 university students who are using our beach cleans as part of their research.
  • Met with Sainsbury’s managers after their staff had voted to support us as part of their community involvement. Staff attended beach cleans and the local store collected money for us.
  • Enabled 2 more businesses to be recognised as Plastic Free Champions by Surfers Against Sewage, making the total 11. This is since gaining Plastic Free Community Status in Feb 2019.
  • Provided information to businesses about bioplastic ‘compostable’ products.
  • Manned a stall with easy swap ideas and plastic-free alternatives for sale, at 5 local events and 3 schools. Bought display boards to help promote our message.
  • Gratefully received a non-plastic banner, hand made by a member of Dawlish WI.
  • Worked with Dawlish Community College and Gatehouse school to create a train made from recycled materials.
  • Participated, with the train, in Dawlish Carnival and the Lantern Parades in Teignmouth and Dawlish.
  • Given presentations to other ‘Plastic-free’ groups in Teignbridge and the Dawlish Water Rotary Club.
  • Joined Community Action Groups (CAG) Devon.
  • Held a second fund raising event for Surfers Against Sewage (SAS)
  • Helped SAS develop their Phase 2 Plastic Free Community initiative by attendance at a weekend conference.
  • Written 6 articles for the Dawlish Gazette, developed our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram and published a website - https://www.dawlishagainstplastic.org.uk/
  • Produced a guide to environmentally ethical festivals in conjunction with Teignbridge District Council.
  • Inspired an art competition about the environment at Dawlish College, addressed the audience and awarded prizes at an arts evening.
  • Obtained signed copies of 3 environmentally themed books by Ellie Jackson for sale and promotion on our stall.
  • Contributed ideas both at meetings and through written submissions to Dawlish Town Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group.
  • Produced an action plan for our activities for the period April 2019 – Mar 2020.

Steering Group Members:

Vanessa Ryley (Chairman), Brenda Toye (Treasurer), Dave Hutton (Secretary), Martin Wrigley (Dawlish Town & Teignbridge Councillor), Lin Goodman-Bradbury (Dawlish Town Councillor), Sue Brader (Dawlish Transition), Vicky Bridle and Suzanne Jones.

Our Steering Group, March 2019, celebrating our 'Plastic Free Community' recognition from SAS . From Left to Right - Dave Hutton, Vanessa Ryley, Suzanne Jones,Liz Green, Cllr. Martin Wrigley, Teresa Golding, Vicky Bridle, Cllr. Lin Goodman-Bradbury.

Brenda Toye and Sue Brader are also members.