Beach Cleans

We organise beach cleans in Dawlish on the First Saturday of each month. We meet under the railway viaduct.. We can supply gloves, litter picking equipment and Hi Viz vests, but please feel free to bring your own equipment or gloves.

Here are the dates for the beach cleans in 2020. We stay at the viaduct for an hour and half so that you can return the equipment to us when you've done your bit.

There will be no beach clean on the first Saturday in January due to the tide times, but if you are out on the beach and do a clean up, we would love to see your photos.

  • Feb 1 - 2pm
  • March 7 - 10am
  • April 4 - 10am
  • May 2 - 10am
  • June 6 - 1pm
  • July 4 - 12pm
  • August 1 - 11am
  • September 5 - 2pm
  • October 3 - 2pm
  • November 7 - 2pm
  • December 5 - 2pm

Our chairman Vanessa Ryley with the new two minute beach clean board.

If you can't make it to a beach clean, you can use the equipment on the two minute board the next time you are down on the beach.

  1. A huge, rusty pile!

Just some of the rubbish collected

This was all picked up in a few minutes

Some of our wonderful volunteers

Beach cleans data.xlsx