Beach Cleans

All the dates for our beach cleans in 2024- see list below.  If you haven't attended before, or are part of a group,  email us to let us know you will be attending or ask any questions. The first time you come, we will give you a short health and safety briefing.

You could also take part in  Surfers Against Sewage #ReturnToOffender campaign by photographing branded plastic pollution on isolation walks & sharing on social media. Tag brands & urge them to reduce plastic use #ReturnToOffender #SurfersAgainstSewage,  please also use #dawlishagainstplastic so that we can monitor items found in Dawlish, Visit Surfers Against Sewage for more info.

Normally we organise beach cleans in Dawlish on the First Saturday of each month. We meet at Boat Cove. We can supply gloves, litter picking equipment and Hi Viz vests, but please feel free to bring your own equipment or gloves.

Dates and times for the beach cleans in 2024 are given below. Watch out for further details on our Facebook page

 At the bottom of the page you can view our log of the amount and type of rubbish our volunteers have collected so far. Thank you, everyone!

With The Environment Agency Team

Nurdles everywhere!

What a team!

At Coryton Cove

Just a few of our heroes!

April 2022

A burnt pallet!

At Dawlish Warren 15/05/21

The big weigh-in!

The small bag says "100%" Degradable" - someone is taking the mickey - of course it will degrade, but into what????

On Coryton Cove

A huge, rusty pile! It weighed over 18Kgs!

Just some of the rubbish collected

This was all picked up in a few  minutes

Some of our wonderful volunteers

We keep a log of the amount and type of rubbish we collect on our beach cleans:

Beach cleans data.xlsx