Children’s author picks the winners

We have written before about our Children’s Writing competition. The results are now in!

The competition was due to be announced at our Go Green Fest which had to be postponed because of lockdown rules. However, we were able to go ahead with the competition in a suitably ‘online’ way, sending the entries to our judge, children’s author, Ellie Jackson, via email and using a Zoom meeting during which The Town Mayor, Alison Foden, announced the results and gave out Certificates and prizes ‘virtually’. The winners, their parents and members of Dawlish Against Plastic’s Steering group attended the meeting which also included a video sent from the judge, who could not make it in person.

The theme of the competition was ‘Caring for our Planet’ and the entrants had to include an illustration with their story.

Ellie Jackson said, “I was really impressed with all the entries and choosing winners was very hard.” In the end, there were two Gold awards and two Silver awards:

Gold Award for Key Stage 3 pupils - Lawrence White, age 12, from Dawlish College, for his well observed story about the lives of Sparrows in his garden.

Gold Award for Key Stage 2 pupils - Henry Petherick age 9, from Gatehouse Primary Academy for his story about the mayor and his vision to save the town form overdevelopment.

Silver Awards went to two Key Stage 2 pupils from Kenn C of E Primary School, Phoebe Wood and Jacob Wood (no relations).

Lawrence White

Henry Petherick

Phoebe Wood

Jacob Wood

A recording of the Zoom meeting has been saved on Dawlish Against Plastic’s Facebook Page and can still be viewed.