Right now, the ocean is under threat like never before. Sewage, chemicals, plastic and industrial-scale exploitation of its natural riches are pushing it to the brink.

Care of and respect for the marine environment is fundamental to our survival as a species on earth. For billions of people around the world, sea food is their primary source of protein.

Up to 70% of the air we breathe is produced by marine plants and the sea is able to store around 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. The world’s oceans are the biggest regulator of the planet’s climate, supporting all life on earth. Around 40% of CO2 we emit is absorbed by ocean waters. Our seas provide a home for 2.2million species of marine life.

Coastal towns like Dawlish depend on a healthy, clean sea and foreshore.

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations present an ideal opportunity to highlight the importance of the world's greatest natural asset.

Turn the Tide will include fun activities for children, and information and entertainment for all ages. Think mermaids, pirates, sea shanties, great music, speakers, information stalls (e.g. Devon Wildlife Trust, Sustainable Dawlish, ACT) and workshops.

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